Business Consulting

Got an idea? Want to start your own business? Let us help you put your business plan together.


– We will help you take that commercial idea you’ve been nurturing and make it real.  Professional advice on preparing the plan, assembling backers and procuring funding.

– Our experts will guide you in assembling an effective business case or presentation.  We’ll hone your message and our experts will lay out an easy-to follow script and provide visual aids to hammer home your point and foster buy-in from stakeholders.

– Need a financial statement?  Your new business may require review from investors or bank management.  Let’s sit down and work out how to present your financial posture in the best possible light.

– Brand Management is a specialty.  We’ll start with a comprehensive review of your online presence and identify ways to establish your brand utilizing Search Engine Optimization and diving into online Social Media.  We can help you harness internet revenue streams and maximize your conversion rates. We can help drive visitors to your website and to your order desk.

– Websites for any budget.  We can help you create an engaging website with easy-to-maintain features.  Want to establish an online store?  With MJ Zenith’s expert advice, your e-commerce site is just a few clicks away.

  • Are you interested in applying for a government grant? MJ Zenith won’t steer you wrong.
  • Need a special license to practice your trade? MJ Zenith will guide you step-by-step.
  • Are you a student? MJ Zenith can help you obtain the Financial Aid you need to continue your studies.

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