Head Business Consulting

Emma Udoji, Head Business consulting is vast in Risk Management, Internal Audit, Corporate Governance and organizational structuring. Having done these since 1998.

He was in charge of Risk and Compliance management at Sec-Curities Inc Queens NY, in this position he was Responsible for operational and compliance audits; Audits performed are designed to detect operational inefficiencies, administrative errors, employee fraud and internal control weaknesses and he Coordinated Risk and Control Self-Assessment (RCSA) and key risk indicators {KRIs} reporting activities in the organization.

He was also Sr. Internal Auditor at Intercontinental Homes, Savings and Loans PLC Lagos, Nigeria where he;

  • Performed documentation review and flowcharting of existing process and internal controls enhancement for cost-effectiveness and operational improvements
  • Inspected overall internal control processes to evaluate efficiency and effectiveness of processes, procedures, and internal control systems
  • Inspected overall internal control processes to determine accuracy of financial statements, account balances and compliance with laws and regulations, company policies and procedures.
  • Identified control gaps and developed proposals to remediate gaps; efficiently reported findings to management
  • Evaluated processes designed to detect duplicate payment for operational expense
  • Proactively sought and brought to the attention of senior management exceptional areas of risk or exposure to the elements immediately upon identification
  • Conducted special audits at the request of management


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